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Day 9: In which Jessica has awesome friends.

November 10, 2010

Another short-ish post.  I am super busy, friends!  Work, art shows, yoga, pilates, etc are taking up all my time!  I’m still finding some time to cook and blog though, which is nice.  Soon, I shall be devouring some bean burritos which I may or may not blog about by the end of the month, depending on how desperate I get for subject matter (they are tasty, but dead simple and not too pretty).

In the spirit of busy-ness and perhaps not being able to cook, it’s nice to know that perhaps you have a friend out there that can provide your dinner from time to time, no?  I have a friend, Emily, who enjoys cooking vegan eats occasionally.  This past Friday, she texted me to ask if I would like some soup.  I probably would have said, ‘YES’ anyway, but since I was stuck at work all night and she offered to bring it to me there, it was a double ‘YES YES’.

friends are awesome.

I didn’t end up getting to eat it until I got home, but that was fine, as I desperately needed food by then.  This is a tomato based cabbage soup with a hint of fennel and tons of spice.  Luckily, I am a spice fiend.  I wouldn’t recommend it for the spice wimps out there.  No shame in that, by the way, regardless of my term ‘wimp’.  Promise.  Anywho, Emily said she based her recipe off of something out of La Dolce Vegan (or one of the Sarah Kramer books, I think it was that one), but that she tweaked it a tad.  I don’t own any Sarah Kramer books.  I’m not sure why, especially now that I see her recipes are super amazingly fabulous.

Man.  So here’s to rad friends, spicy soup, tupperware, cabbage, and all the things that warm your tummy.  I’m gonna go eat dinner now.

WordPress spellcheck fun:  pilates?  tupperware?  really??

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  1. November 10, 2010 8:33 pm

    The color of this soup is amazing, and really makes me want to eat it. It’s so nice to have friends that want to cook for you! Today wordpress spellcheck decided that snacked is not a word.. really!?

  2. November 11, 2010 10:43 am

    Yay for great friends! I’d like an Emily to cook food for me occasionally. Where can I get one?

    This spice wimp feels no shame! You make me chuckle!

    And the spellcheck thing never ceases to amaze me. Blogger’s spellcheck doesn’t recognise the word Soya!

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