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Day 25: Uh-oh, it’s Thanksgiving.

November 25, 2010

Listen.  I’m about to start cooking in about an hour.  And I doubt you want to read about the spaghetti I ate for dinner two nights ago right now.  You’re all (the Americans, anyway) in Thanksgiving mode!  Well, you’re going to have to wait for my official feast post until tomorrow.  I sort of want to keep my main course a bit of a secret, not because it’s fabulous, but because it’s sort of not.  Ha.  I’m throwing myself into the details of sides this year, kids.

So!  Mashed potatoes!  Leek confit!  Stuffing!  Broccoli with cheeze!  Croissants! (store-bought, I’m not that ambitious.)  That warm brown rice salad from the latest issue of VegTimes, except with a million changes because I can’t find their fancypants ingredients at the Kroger closest to my house!  Plus that main.  And dessert.  You’ll see tomorrow.

Because, you know, last year I didn’t really do Thanksgiving.  I had just gone through something incredibly difficult, so the holidays didn’t really happen for me.  I took a time out.  So I’m kind of excited.  And also nervous because I’m making all this food just for me and the omnivore boyfriend.  Later we are going to our boss’s house for his annual party…me to drink copious amounts of really good wine and him to eat actual turkey (sadface).  Last year I think I ate a burrito or something before I went.  Well!  Not this year!  This year, when the omnivores descend on me, I’ll be ready with tales of my talents in the kitchen and my belly full of awesomeness.

I should get crackin’.  Vegan Thanksgiving…..annnnnnnnnnd go!

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  1. November 25, 2010 4:58 pm

    happy thanksgiving, Jessica! i hope you and t.b. (the boy) enjoy yourselves today. sweet awesomeness on cooking up some yummies this year and celebrating – and have fun at your boss’ s house (sadface indeed on the poor turkey) – drink some wine for me!

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