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October 12, 2012

Man oh man.  I’m still taking photos of my food, but few are making it to the computer these days.  What with working three jobs, making it into the studio to throw bowls for charity, trying to see my best pal once a week, feeding myself, and now this:
…I’ve been a little busy.  But now I’m totally excited.  If this takes off, I will be able to quit at least one of my other jobs!  Streamlining, people!  (Now, someone become my accountant friend and teach me how to get my taxes right for all of this.)


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  1. October 12, 2012 11:16 am

    I hope this works out for you!!

  2. October 12, 2012 11:23 am

    OH, good luck! Good luck! Good luck! Good luck! Good luck! I hope you have lots and lots of customers! Also – good luck! 😀

  3. Emily permalink
    October 12, 2012 1:18 pm

    This is so freakin’ awesome! Good luck and judging from all the delicious foods on your blog, I’m sure you’re going to have happy customers.

  4. October 12, 2012 1:25 pm

    so exciting! congrats on your new endeavor. I hope it’s a big success!!

  5. October 12, 2012 8:55 pm

    Congrats, you’re doing exactly what I want to do! I’m too broke and scared to start yet though. Hope it goes well and you get some clients quickly!

  6. October 13, 2012 1:47 pm

    Oh awesome, congrats & good luck! I hope clients start streaming your way!

  7. October 14, 2012 10:36 am

    How exciting! Congrats on your new direction, and good luck, even though you have enough talent to succeed without a shred of luck. 😉 I would totally be your first client if you were local!

  8. October 14, 2012 10:20 pm


  9. October 21, 2012 6:31 pm

    Fabulousness – so happy for you! If you need help with accounting, I started doing it for a small business recently and would love the opportunity to expand my repertoire. 🙂

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