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Muffin Mania

May 23, 2013

I know I said I would talk about the new Appetite for Reduction recipes that I made last week, but I really just want to talk about muffins instead.  My ‘to blog’ folder has way too many pictures of muffins, and I need to get them out of there.  See, I went through a bit of a manic muffin making phase around January and February.  Baked things make you feel accomplished and happy, and muffins are the easiest thing to bake in the world.  They just seem so impressive for how little work they are!  They puff up out of their fancy wrappers, light and fluffy, bursting with flavor.  And all you had to do was stir some stuff together and pour them in their cups.  So in order to make myself feel productive and happy and so I had stuff for breakfast, I made these muffins.

gingerbreadmuffins1First off, I got this book, 150 Best Vegan Muffins Recipes (What a mouthful!  Henceforth known as the muffin book.) and it is awesome. I have had no fails from it.  Not one!  It is basically the best cookbook ever written.  So many types of muffins…there are simple ones, complicated ones, breakfast-y ones, dessert ones, and savory ones!  I do love me a savory muffin.  More on that in a bit.  These are gingerbread muffins.  They used up almost all of my molasses, but it was completely worth it.

gingerbreadmuffins2Who can resist gingerbread in muffin form?  Individual gingerbread cakes!  I do find with this book that I need to cut back a bit on the sugar, but that’s probably just me.  Also, a lot of recipes call for soy yogurt, which is not easy for me to get.  So when I do buy it (in a huge tub, since that’s the only way I can get it here), I just make as many recipes that call for soy yogurt as I can.  One of the totally awesome things about the muffin book is that you probably have whatever ingredients you need for at least one of the recipes.  These in particular were made when I just felt like making and eating muffins, but didn’t want to go to the store.  I had everything I needed right in my cupboards!

Parsley Lemon Muffins4From the same book, parsley lemon muffins.  They needed a bit more salt (I think all of the savory muffin recipes in this book do), but were wonderful.  Pretty sure I ate these with soup.

Parsley Lemon MuffinsSavory muffins are just totally rad for when you’re halfway through making dinner and realize that you want bread.  Except yeasted bread takes too long to just whip up out of nowhere.  Savory muffins to the rescue!  I’m sure you’ve done this without even realizing it, with cornbread (muffin-izable!) or biscuits (free form muffins!).  The savory section in this book is large enough that you could easily find a flavor combo that goes great with whatever you’re cooking.

Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins 3Muffins exist outside of that book, of course.  And this is a good example that you can make just about any sort of bread into one!  This is Isa’s Chocolate Pumpkin Loaf from the PPK blog, made into muffins.  This was another one that I just happened to have all of the ingredients for, since I hoard canned pumpkin for some reason.  I almost never use it…and yet…I still have three cans in my cupboard from this past fall.  Anyway, it obviously came in handy, so hoarding: justified.

Chocolate Pumpkin MuffinsThe only thing I can really say about this quickbread is that it is freaking fabulous.  I was worried that I wouldn’t like the spices in conjunction with the chocolate, but I did!  They’re nicely warming without overpowering the chocolate and pumpkin flavors.  And of course the chocolate chips add a lovely burst of sweet chocolately goodness in every bite.

Coriander Rye MuffinsThese coriander rye muffins (another savory treat!) are from Vegan Eats World.  They are actually just a hair sweet from the molasses, but the flavor is complex and intriguing.  I made them to go with the sauerkraut soup, and they paired up as wonderfully as Terry said they would!

Sauerkraut SoupI feasted like a damn queen that week.  I’m pining for it now…  I did find that the coriander seeds on the tops of the muffins just fell off, which is a waste of coriander seeds, so next time I would leave them off.  Other than that, no complaints!

bakesalemuffinsAnd I know I showed these to you a few weeks ago, but these lemon blueberry lavender muffins are just my all time favorite.  I adapted the blueberry muffin recipe from The Joy of Vegan Baking some time ago in order to craft these beauties, and they never disappoint.  I even learned how to use frozen blueberries without turning the batter purple!  Finally.

But so I also made, but did not photograph, basic muffins with added mango and coconut, apple muffins, and chocolate muffins that I stuffed with Dandies vegan marshmallows.  All from the muffin book, but I modified the chocolate ones to add the Dandies.  If you’re a bit of a lazy baker, like me, you will love this book.  That is my honest to goodness opinion…it’s just such a cool cookbook.

Next week I’ll be back on track with the cookbook challenge (we’re doing Vegan Eats World), providing I can find a few recipes that I can make for über cheap.  Meanwhile, I seriously think I’m going to go bake some muffins now.  Muffin muffin muffin.  It’s not even a real word anymore.











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